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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Invisible Summit

It will be the summit you'll never hear about. In Cochabamba, Bolivia, garden spot of the Americas, at least seven heads of state will gather to pontificate and banter, joke and negotiate, and otherwise demonize the West, Obama, capitalism and democratic pluralism. The members of the ALBA alliance, formed by Cuba and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez to be a counter-weight to the overwhelming dominance of U.S. economic, trade and political interests in the region, will meet in Cochabamba Oct. 16-17. Expect pronouncements, including perhaps some trade and investment news, but little else. It's not a big club, but its existence makes for interesting reportage, and its members are lucky enough this week to meet in a town where flowers, fresh fruit, and other worldly delights are abundantly available.


Oregon Bell said...

What a wonderful city. But do I see the McDonald's Golden Arches on the city horizon?

John Enders said...

Open Bell: Jesus Christ. How did those damned capitalists get into heaven? Thanks for pointing that out. I never saw it.