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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things for Which I am Thankful in 2011

* That Mother Nature and the Earth do not go along with our notions of how they should behave.
That I was raised as a Christian, still believe in the presence of some sort of ‘god,’ but am now more pagan than not.
 That animals, especially my dog and my cat, love me unconditionally.
 That within the last year I met the army officer who caught Che Guevara.
 That I do not live in a Middle Eastern country.
 That a Republican is not in the White House and the Democrats do not control Congress.
 That I am one of the “1%,” not in the USA but in the world as a whole, and that I am well-enough informed to know it and wonder why.
 That my prostate is small enough that I can still pee, my eyes are good enough to still see, and the arthritis in my thumbs still not so bad that I cannot write without voice-recognition software.
 That my children are healthy and intelligent and have not pushed me out of their lives.
 That I have a magnificent old boat and know how to sail her.
 That my wife is a hottie.
 That I did not shoot heroin or do meth when I was younger, but smoked lots of pot and did psilocybin.
 That some people around the world seem to be waking up to the madness of the ‘war on drugs.’
 That there is a Southern Hemisphere.
 That the redneck gene is recessive.
*  That my extended family is only marginally dysfunctional and most of them have forgiven me for my youthful stupidities.
That I have begun to appreciate the true nature of friendship and the redemptive power of love.

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