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Monday, September 14, 2015

Reagan's Wars in Central America

  In the 1980s, all of Central America seemed to be at war.  The Sandinistas had defeated the Somoza regime in Nicaragua, and Reagan and his Cold Warrior aides were making war against "communist" rebels in El Salvador, using the U.S.-trained soldiers in that country. Meanwhile, Manuel Noriega, a former CIA "asset" in Panama, was playing both sides of the coin, taking American dollars while simultaneously colluding with the Medellin Cartel to smuggle cocaine into the United States.
  Meanwhile, peasant union leaders were being slaughtered in Guatemala by that country's soldiers, and in Honduras as well. Death squads were being formed, doing the dirty work of the Right.
 We must careful of what we do in this world. Because what you do, comes back on you.
  See this story in the New York Times recounting the massacre of Jesuit priests, nuns, a housekeeper and her daughter by U.S. trained special forces. History we would rather not remember. 

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