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Thursday, January 29, 2015

In Defense of Civilization, With the Barbarians at the Gate

Islamic fundamentalism and the terrorism that accompanies and underpins it are the new Barbarians at the Gate. The violence preached by fanatical religious leaders and their followers are a fundamental threat to civilization and liberal values of freedom, tolerance, mutual acceptance and respect. What we must not tolerate -- even for one minute -- is a culture and belief system that seeks to behead us and return mankind to the Dark Ages.

Islam -- like Christianity -- is one of the great religions of the world. Islamic fundamentalism -- like Christian fundamentalism -- is barbaric and must be not only opposed but destroyed.

For those who read Spanish, this op-ed piece by the great Peruvian writer and Nobel Prize for Literature recipient Mario Vargas Llosa, published in El Pais, is well worth a look. Thanks, Don Mario. Gracias, Francia.

One must wonder: What would Muhammad say?

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