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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Federal Government Shutdown

Throughout Latin America and elsewhere in the world commentators, leaders and average citizens are looking at the federal government shutdown in the United States and asking, "When are the Americans going to grow up?"

Following on the heals of the embarrassing disclosures in recent months regarding our government's violation of the privacy of millions of people around the world, and specifically of its spying on leaders of adversaries and friendly nations, the image of the government of the United States of America is at a particularly low moment.

We (the federal government) continue(s) to insist on acting as the arrogant policeman of the globe, while violating our own basic moral and political values. We claim "exceptionalism" while never recognizing it in others. We follow short-term expediency in our foreign and domestic policies, but never think about the long term.

It is not just the Congress that is stupid, ignorant and ill-informed. It is the machinery of our government, the majority of our leaders, most of our people. It is difficult to remain hopeful.

Our government has a responsibility to the American people. And America has a responsibility before the world. Grow up Washington. Grow up America.

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