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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Venezuela and ALBA as Libya mediator

  President Hugo Chavez's proposal that ALBA countries mediate a peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya has found little or no resonance in the United States or Europe, but it should. Although Chavez, an ally and self-described "friend" of the Libya dictator, might not be viewed by many as the appropriate middle-man to achieve results in this case, he may be just that. After all, Nixon went to China, right. If Chavez and his allies in the other ALBA countries can achieve the right end, which is the peaceful EXIT from Libya of Qaddafi, this might be one way to avoid more bloodshed and suffering in Libya. However, the result needs to be this: Libya's leader is removed from power and tried in an international court of justice for crimes against his people. It's unlikely that's what Chavez has in mind, but who knows? That might be the ultimate end of such mediation.

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