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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Venezuela and the FARC

Today, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley took a question about Venezuela´s connection to the rebels in Colombia:

QUESTION: Valenzuela said that Venezuela continues to support the FARC. What concrete evidence do you have to back that up?
MR. CROWLEY: Venezuela and its activities – it remains a matter of concern. We have voiced our longstanding concerns about Venezuelan support for the FARC. We stand by what Assistant Secretary Valenzuela said.

Sorry, but that´s just not good enough. He was asked for evidence, and was given none. That doesn´t work for me. The U.S. government should release publicly information it has about Hugo Chavez´s connections the FARC, and shut up. I happen to believe that Chavez plays it both ways: he has been supportive of attempts to topple former President Uribe, but he´s quieted down a lot since Uribe left office. 

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