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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bolivia's Morales: a real revolutionary

   Whether you like what he's doing or not, Bolivia's Evo Morales is the real deal when it comes to trying to make revolutionary and lasting changes to a traditional society. This latest AP report outlines some of the dramatic changes he is trying to make regarding gender equity. Unfortunately, a number of the appointments he's made to key leadership positions, of both men and women, involve individuals with neither the skills nor the training to carry out their responsibilities. That bodes ill for the political and the economic progress of the country at a time when Bolivia needs technical skills more than it needs political posturing. Nevertheless, the manner in which Morales is shaking up the society is likely to be lasting though the road is bumpy. There are those who have argued that Morales simply wants to tear down the modern state and to take Bolivia back to the way it was 500 years ago. They will see these latest cabinet changes as further proof of that contention. I prefer to think that Morales simply continues to stumble his way through his presidency in an attempt to create a new Bolivian reality. He is doing both.

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