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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alphabet Soup in Bolivia

Bolivia's national elections in December are gearing up to be a circus, but there will be no animals allowed because the congress has outlawed animals in circuses. President Evo Morales will run for re-election, and so far about a dozen opposition candidates have announced they hope to run against him. Several candidates have talked about a United Front campaign, but no one appears ready to sacrifice his own political ambitions to step down and join a unified front led by someone else. Evo's re-election appears virtually guaranteed unless matters change dramatically between now and December. As usual, the alphabet soup of political parties is breathtaking and includes the MAS, AS, MNR, AVCD, PDC and groupings known as Podemos, Gente and others. But, unfortunately for Bolivia, there's little new offered by any of the candidates. The pro-business candidate, Samuel Doria Medina, wants to export organic produce to build a new economy. That should do the trick. For an update on the action, see La Razon's article today by clicking on the title above.

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